Mantorras wishes to win everything in 2023/24 season

  1. Mantorras hopes for Benfica to win everything in the 2023/24 season, Eliseu believes Supercup against FC Porto is evenly matched, Nélson is pleased with the new signings, Quim emphasizes starting from scratch, Benfica defeats Sporting 5-1 to reach the final of the tournament

The Liga Portugal Legends kicked off on Saturday in Nazaré, bringing together former football stars from Benfica and other clubs. Amidst the tournament, Pedro Mantorras spoke about the upcoming season, stating that anyone who plays for Benfica aims to be a champion and win everything. With four games already played, there is a great expectation from the fans, hoping that Benfica can secure their 39th championship title.

Eliseu, the former left-back, shared his thoughts on the upcoming match against FC Porto in the Supercup, highlighting the equal chances for both teams. Nélson, another ex-Benfica player, expressed his satisfaction with the new signings and the team being assembled.

Quim, the former goalkeeper, reminded everyone that every team starts from scratch.

In the latest match, Benfica defeated Sporting with an impressive 5-1 scoreline, securing their spot in the final of the tournament.

Zahovic regressa às origens para ver o FC Porto

  1. Zahovic representou o FC Porto entre 1996 e 1999
  2. Zahovic afirmou que o FC Porto tem as pessoas certas nos lugares certos e vai continuar a ser um grande clube de sucesso
  3. Zahovic considera o Sporting, Benfica e FC Porto os principais candidatos ao título na próxima época
  4. Zahovic acompanhou o jogo entre Portugal e Eslovénia com o 'coração dividido' por ter jogado 12 anos em Portugal