Di María leads Benfica to victory against Al Nassr

  1. Benfica defeats Al Nassr 4-1, Di María shines, combination play between Di María and Rafa leads to two goals

Benfica, representing European football, secured a 4-1 victory over Al Nassr, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, in a pre-season match. Ángel Di María showcased his skills and was instrumental in the team's success, combining well with Rafa and Gonçalo Ramos in the attacking line. The first goal, scored by Di María, was a result of a beautiful combination play between the two, with the Argentine finishing off with a clever chip over the goalkeeper. The second goal, scored by Gonçalo Ramos, also came from their partnership. In the second half, coach Roger Schmidt made several changes, introducing players like Florentino, João Mário, and Fredrik Aursnes, who brought calmness and tactical intelligence to the game. Schmidt will need to find the right balance between the two styles of play for the upcoming season.

Zahovic regressa às origens para ver o FC Porto

  1. Zahovic representou o FC Porto entre 1996 e 1999
  2. Zahovic afirmou que o FC Porto tem as pessoas certas nos lugares certos e vai continuar a ser um grande clube de sucesso
  3. Zahovic considera o Sporting, Benfica e FC Porto os principais candidatos ao título na próxima época
  4. Zahovic acompanhou o jogo entre Portugal e Eslovénia com o 'coração dividido' por ter jogado 12 anos em Portugal