Rui Costa: Benfica's President Talks About the Pursuit of the 39th Title, Gonçalo Ramos, Bento, Rafa, and the Meeting with Ronaldo

  1. Benfica's focus is on the pursuit of the 39th title
  2. Rui Costa confirmed Rafa's continuity
  3. The transfer market is still open, and there may be more signings
  4. No concrete offers for Gonçalo Ramos
  5. Friendly match against Al Nassr with Cristiano Ronaldo
  6. No comments on the potential signing of Bento

The 38th title fills us with pride, but now our focus must be on the future and the pursuit of the 39th. We need to approach this season with the same mentality as last year, solely focused on what lies ahead. As the defending champions, we must have the same ambition as before and be aware of the challenges we will face. This year will be extremely difficult, and we need to be ready for it.

Regarding the transfer market, Rui Costa mentioned that there is still the possibility of more signings until the end of August. The club has been working diligently with the coaching staff to make well-considered decisions. As for Gonçalo Ramos, who has been linked with a move to PSG, Rui Costa stated that there is nothing concrete to report and that the squad is being built with minimal acquisitions and departures.

Rui Costa confirmed that Rafa will stay at Benfica, as previously reported. He stated that he has spoken to the player and that there is no need for in-depth meetings. Rafa is an important part of the team, and the club counts on him.

Regarding the friendly match against Al Nassr, Rui Costa acknowledged the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the opposing team but emphasized that the focus should be on preparing for the upcoming season and the challenges in the league.

Finally, when asked about the potential signing of Bento, Rui Costa declined to comment on ongoing market negotiations and reassured the fans that all decisions are being carefully planned internally.

In summary, Rui Costa's main message is that the team's focus is now on the pursuit of the 39th title. He expressed the need to approach this season with the same ambition and highlighted the challenges that lie ahead. Rui Costa also confirmed Rafa's continuity in the team and addressed the ongoing transfer market, including the speculation surrounding Gonçalo Ramos. The friendly match against Al Nassr, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, was mentioned as an important preparation for the upcoming league campaign. The president declined to comment on the potential signing of Bento, emphasizing that all decisions are being made internally and with the best interests of the club in mind.

Otamendi prioriza seleção argentina em prejuízo do Benfica

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Gustavo Silva deixa cargo de diretor jurídico do Benfica após 9 meses no cargo

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  3. Em 9 meses, Gustavo Silva conseguiu internalizar temas que antes eram tratados externamente
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Renato Sanches pode regressar ao Benfica, acredita Adrien Silva

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  3. Renato Sanches pertence ao Paris Saint-Germain, mas a sua situação contratual pode facilitar um regresso ao Benfica